29 Sep 2023
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Arçelik Hitachi Unveils 'The Art of Ease' Global Campaign: Elevating Connections with Customers Across Generations!

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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances today introduces “The Art of Ease”, the new marketing campaign that guides every generation to embark on a journey toward an effortless and peaceful life at home through “Hitachi’s” home appliance solutions. The new campaign embodies Japan's careful attention to detail in design, emphasizing modern aesthetics while elevating functionality for everyone's daily life.

The concept of “The Art of Ease” stemmed from the rapidly changing world. Today, urban residents continue to be immersed in a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, often throughout the entirety of their day. It is a common desire for them to have access to a tranquil and secure environment where they can relax and aspire towards long-term stability. Hitachi's commitment to enhancing its home appliances extends beyond the mere incorporation of new innovations and cutting-edge technology into the product portfolio. It encompasses the integration of quintessential Japanese principles, rooted in thoughtfulness and customer-centric design. This harmonious integration empowers Hitachi products to function as lifestyle essentials in comforting the daily lives of customers, offering them the desired sense of ease.

Amidst the ever-changing business landscape, Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances not only maintains its success in its current markets, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions, but also actively seeks out new opportunities. With the new marketing strategy, the aim of the brand is to offer quality products that people would be proud to have. To achieve this, the company employs a strategic communication approach globally aimed at engaging and impressing today's customers, enhancing brand awareness and involvement.

Mr. Zafer Ustuner, Chief Executive Officer of Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances, disclosed: “We strongly believe that the launch of the global campaign – “The Art of Ease,” will echo a remarkable step in bridging Hitachi to consumers. Moving forward, Hitachi's new products will be aligned with the direction of this campaign, focusing on both offline and online communication activities. Our aim is to expand our consumer reach by leveraging Hitachi's new products and consumer-focused approach, complemented by Arçelik's robust manufacturing and innovation capabilities.”

With Hitachi’s new campaign “The Art of Ease”, Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances is also unveiling innovative technologies and products to the markets. The goal is to inspire design innovations that align with the global campaign's theme of simplicity and practical functionality for everyday life.

Among the noteworthy products is the sleek and modern 4 Door Luxury French Bottom Freezer refrigerator. Designed to keep food fresh, flavorful, and nutrient-rich, the model comes with the Selectable Zone feature, which allows customized settings based on your storage and lifestyle needs, while the Vacuum Compartment keeps your food from drying and oxidizing.

In addition, the new Hitachi Carbon Line Refrigerators is a fusion of style and functionality. With the Flexible Fresh Select drawer, customize your storage with adjustable temperature settings for vegetables and dairy/meat. The Surround Air Cooling system keeps food fresh longer while separate temperature controls and a modern crisper cover makes organization a breeze. Hitachi Carbon Line Refrigerators are available worldwide (except China).

Hitachi further reinforces its leadership in washing machine design technology to ensure consumers’ confidence. The outstanding and popular models include BD-D120XGV washing machine: a modern marvel with smart features for efficient, convenient, and exceptional laundry results. It boasts Optimal Washing with 8 Smart Sensing technologies, auto Dosing System for precise detergent and fabric softener dispensing, a 60°C Hygiene mode, and Auto Self Clean for a spotless tub. Moreover, the BD-100XFVEADM is another model equipped with the most complete features, followed by the new heat pump tumble dryer from Hitachi, TD-100XFVEM, with modern design that meets every style of home and condominium residents. Utilizing precise steam and temperature settings, Steam & Wear technology refreshes garments and guarantees wrinkle-free results without ironing. This means wearing your favorite shirts will be much easier!

Finally, another product that resonates with the minimalism philosophy is Hitachi Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner, PV-XH3M, weighing only 1.8 kg and boasting an impressive up to 170W suction power. Specially designed green light LED technology makes dust visible and cleaning efficient, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. With its auto-detect sensor, the vacuum cleaner can detect the floor material and automatically adjust the power and brush rotation speed. The patented rotating head makes it easy to clean corners, while the various accessories provide options for all your cleaning needs, including a motorized mattress brush. It is easy to use and saves space when combined with the Free-Standing Platform Design, which allows all vacuum accessories to be kept clean and well-stored. The one-touch disposal feature makes it easy to get rid of dust and debris.

For more information about "The Art of Ease" campaign, please visit our campaign website at https://www.hitachi-homeappliances.com/artofease/